Our Company is incorporated in the year 1980 in Mersin province for the purposes of Pulse Export and Import. In the year of its establishment, it had had facilities based on 10,000 m2 area with 20,000 m/ton capacity of pulse screening and within several years, the company has captured on of the highest places among pulse exporters by exporting tens of thousands of pulse products to about 30 countries over the world. Collecting the freshest crops directly from the farmers, preserving the quality, processing the products with Sortex machines, hand-picking, the company packs the products so that they are delivered to the end consumer with Serttas quality, which is approved all over the world. Our company adopts the principle of fast growing in high-ranking ways as it has entered the sectors of importing products such as sesame seeds, fertilizers, soybeans, oilcakes, spices and grains, tomatoes paste production, warehousing and packaging. The company continuously growing fast within its own structure, with the investments it has realized and Serttas Group of Companies, which has reached to a total annual turnover of $35 million in a high-ranking manner, the facts that have taken essential parts in the effective contribution to our province Mersin, the country by providing employment opportunities to the farmers and transporters and providing contribution to the social aid and other sectors. The company has adopted all these as basic principles and business policy. Moreover, in the year 2012 at Bursa – Karacabey county’s Tophisar villiage we have a new and modern tomato paste manufacturing plant built on 110 decares that has the infrastructure good for a daily tomato processing capacity of 2,000 tons and thus processing of 100,000 tons of tomatoes has been achieved at these two plants where 15,000 tons of tomato paste and other products are obtained. Furthermore, at our plant based at Tophisar, we have pea and vegetable canning production lines which carries on manufacturing with an increasing production capacity year by year.

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